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Helping you turn the
key on a bold new chapter.
We believe real estate has always been hit-or-miss for investors, buyers, and owners alike. We’ve standardized every step of the process to make it easy and enjoyable for every person.
Our mission is to help people unlock the full potential of their real estate.
Understanding people is key to our business. Topwide Properties believes that profits in real estate come from solving problems for people – providing unique living situations designed to enhance the lives of residents, supporting them in their careers and in their personal lives.
When a person finds a home that supports their ambitions, needs, creativity, and personality, then the possibilities for positive outcomes in their life are endless. We are pushing towards real estate developments that enhance lives by providing people the right environment for them to thrive.
Our Story
Our Story
Started as a property management company in 2011, Topwide Properties has already grown to support investors, property owners, and homeowners throughout every phase of the real estate lifecycle. Topwide branched into Canada as the GTA was booming, and contributed to the growth and success of several Canadian developers while still managing properties.
Due to our unique position in the market, we were able to create wealth for investors by introducing them to the right pre-construction investments. Eventually, we expanded into land acquisitions ourselves, and eventually development. As a result, we have become a leading name across the entire Canadian property development, investment, and management lifecycle.
Value - hero
Our values
Topwide is a benchmark of sustainability, commitment, and simplicity
We are committed to the economic, social and cultural development of each community we serve in, ensuring that our impact is positive and felt for generations to come.
Topwide Properties has sustainability at it’s forefront whenever deciding to invest or constructing a new community or development.
We are dedicated to making your real estate and property management journey a refreshing and simple journey, no complicated processes.
Who we are
Topwide is dynamic, energetic, and highly experienced
We are also steadfast in leading the Real Estate and Property Development market. We pride ourselves on steering improvement projects, building and guiding top-performing teams, and optimizing internal operations.
A new era in real estate
Topwide Properties’ portfolio of luxury properties gives our clients and investors an unprecedented variety of chances to find the perfect fit – or to develop it from scratch.