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Let us help you achieve your real estate dreams
Our dynamic relationships with customers, associates and partners allow us to offer our clients a full range of services, including property management and investment options.
Property Development
Simply put,
your project is our priority.
Topwide Properties works with today’s discerning investors and trusts to bring together location, design, amenities, and lifestyle factors into development projects that are exciting for future residents and as property investments alike.
We have mastered a collaborative, comprehensive approach to acquiring land and creating highly engaging urban communities that inspire residents and deliver stellar investor returns.
3200 William Coltson Ave
property size
600 - 699 Sq Ft
- occupied
Beautiful Oakville Condo
Oakville, ON
5025 Four Springs Ave
3 + 1
property size
1500 Sq Ft
- occupied
Stunning Four Springs Ave Townhome
Town House
Mississauga, Ontario L5R0E4
Property management is the foundation that gives value to every service Topwide Properties provides. It’s here where our business started, and where we mastered the skills of maximizing property value, yield, and profitability.

With our unique all-encompassing property management systems at your service, you’ll enjoy benefits of property ownership that few investors/owners can:
Reduced/near-zero vacancy with rental income guarantees
Stellar maintenance records matched with reduced expenses
A reinvigorated public image and reputation
Real EState investing
Investing in real estate always means risk; with Topwide Properties, you’ll enjoy closest thing to actual security in your real estate investments with a true rental income guarantee.
The reason we can offer such certainty is that we personally handle every step of the process, from land acquisition to community design and development, all the way through to management. Our investors include some of today’s most sophisticated firms and individuals.
Our philosophy is that our customers come first.
Imagine being able to “shop” between dozens of well-maintained luxury apartments, homes, and condominiums in any urban area where you’d like to live. Imagine owning a home (even if it is your first ever!) that enhances and supports your success in every area of your life.

We have specialized in matching people like you with their “best home” since our very inception; allow us to show you the nearly-unlimited options available to you through Topwide Properties.
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Our dynamic relationships with customers, associates and partners allow us to offer our clients a full range of services.
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