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3 Ways the earth is affected by real estate
3 Ways the earth is affected by real estate
Driving through a city and the dynamic architecture and buildings is nice, but how does realestate affect the earth? In this blog we’ll tell you three factors that affect the earth within realestate.
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This may have been an obvious one. Construction disrupts the natural land and environment. 11% of global energy and process-related emissions come from the production of construction materials. Transportation of the materials requires more energy consumption. Air, water, and noise pollution are potential effects of construction.

Once the building is complete and units are filled, consumption of electricity and water are affected. When maintenance is being conducted, the materials used to create the replacement parts are needed. Buildings take up 40% of the global energy consumption.

The effects are similar to the construction phase. Air, water, and noise pollution are all very real possibilities. To demolish a building energy and supplies are required. Demolition takes up 5% of the global energy consumption.

There have been many changes in the real estate industry over the past few years. The most notable would be the evolving technology utilized within real estate and investing.
Sarah had just moved to a new city for a job opportunity and was excited to start a new chapter in her life. Little did she know that things weren't what she'd expect.
In this blog we’ll tell youa few factors that affect real estate in fall.
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