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Real Estate Technology
Real Estate Technology
There have been many changes in the real estate industry over the past few years. The most notable would be the evolving technology utilized within real estate and investing.
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Since the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic consumers have opted out of in-person interactions. So how has the industry adapted to the consumer needs? In this blog we’ll tell you the newest technology trends within real estate being utilized.

Automated rental and purchase platforms
These are online platforms available to agents and consumers. These help users to find properties without the hassle of meeting with real estate agents and commuting to potential properties. This allows users to view properties in comfort and minimal in person interactions.

This is used to verify encrypted transactions. Blockchains ensure financial records are kept safe and untouched. Utilizing blockchain technology is a common practice within fractional property investments.

AI Generated Conversations
Customer support within a timely manner is a crucial part of lead generation and web traffic. AI generated conversations can be implemented on your website to enhance user experience. Consumers can ask questions while visiting your site and gain accurate answers within a timely manner. AI’s response time is close to zero.

Big Data
This is a database and warehouse that stores large amounts of information. This is a machine learning mechanism that can predict the change in rent with 90% accuracy. Leading competitor platforms predict with 60% accuracy.

Fractional Property Investment
A percentage of ownership in the form of an asset. This is a commonly used investment strategy. The high property prices allow groups, individuals or business to build a deposit on a future home purchase.

Smart Homes
Smart homes are changing the real estate industry. Homes now often include smart amenities such as locks, lighting, thermosast. In apartment and condominiums smart amenities include wifi connectivity and security sensors.

Virtual / 3D House Tours
Home listing can now often be viewed in the form of a video. This helps to limit in person interactions.

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