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Tiny Homes; what are they and why are they becoming so popular?
Tiny Homes; what are they and why are they becoming so popular?
Recently tiny homes have been on the rise in popularity. What exactly is a tiny home and why isit becoming more and more popular?
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A tiny home is a downsized living space to help you live with less. The average home is between 100 - 400 square feet. Tiny homes have become a popular alternative to affordable houses with many types to choose from. The cost to purchase a tiny home ranges anywhere between $80,000 - $150,000, this will depend on the design, features, and square footage. Currently in Canada there is a tiny home that is 220 square feet which costs roughly $80,000 to purchase.

Tiny home on wheels: this provides you with easy relocation abilities
Tiny home on foundation: includes a solid in ground base structure.
Granny pods: these are small homes attached to a full size home. The initial intent was to keep
elderly near their family while maintaining their independence.
Mobile homes: these are trailer or manufactured homes that are able to be relocated.
Tiny house shed: transform a garden shed into a fully functioning, liveable space. The design
possibilities are endless.
Motor homes: these are compact homes that can be relocated and live on wheels. This is a
great alternative for travelers.

Why are tiny homes becoming more popular?
For many this type of housing is a more affordable option. Tiny homes allow you to rent or own while saving a significant amount of money compared to a typical home. This trend is readily growing within the United States, the Netherlands, and Canada. This lifestyle focuses more around consuming less to live as debt free as possible. It focuses on sustainability and providing happiness from non-material items. This has been a great alternative for adventure seekers, allowing them to live closer to nature and travel as they wish. When building a tiny home you can get very creative with the design.

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