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Artificial Intelligence in Real Estate
Artificial Intelligence in Real Estate
Artificial intelligence is on the rise in popularity. It can be used in a variety of ways to help yourreal estate business, but first what is it and how can it be used?
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What is it?

Artificial intelligence is a learning software that observes data and finds patterns to predict future trends. There are two types of learning systems. Machine learning AI systems include research tasks, deep learning AI systems include facial recognition and virtual assistants. It is designed to
replicate the human brain through algorithms to conduct tasks.

How can it be used?
AI can be used within Virtual home staging, property value estimates, and research. Virtual staging can be completed through AI using only a photograph and platform fees. The software will place the furniture digitally, saving you time, money, and energy if you were to
stage it manually.

Property value estimates AI platforms use the current data of a property to determine the future value. This is a time consuming and difficult process for many humans, but not impossible!
Research, gain insightful in-depth research through AI softwares. Search specific phrases to help assist
you in your development location decision, example; best neighbourhoods in the GTA. Analyze the local crime reports of a specific area as well as the possibility of a natural disaster. Along with the benefits of using artificial intelligence, responsibilities are sure to follow. AI must
be conducted in a lawful manner, data security is extremely important when utilizing this.

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