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Careers in Real Estate
Careers in Real Estate
So you’re interested in real estate, why not make a career out of it? There are many jobs to befound within this industry. Here are a few potential careers within real estate.
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Investors: buy properties or land to create a source of income, income varies.

Land lords: market and lease your property, find tenants, and keep up with the maintenance.
The income will vary.

Real estate agent: help individuals buy or sell properties. The income can be up to $91k per
year or more depending on the quantity and price of the properties sold.

Broker: assist buyers through the financial and legal document part of property purchases. The
average Canadian annual salary for this job title is $100K.

Developer: purchase land, obtain legal document requirements, build real estate on top of land.
The income may vary.

Property manager: Help investors by prospecting tenants, and maintaining the property. The
income may vary.

Appraiser: Determine property values and potentially earn up to $71K per year.

There are so many more careers within this industry, these are a few to start. We hope this
helps you in your real estate journey!

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