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Passive Income in Real Estate
Passive Income in Real Estate
There are different industries in which a passive income can be created, but how is it done in real estate? In this blog we’ll tell you!
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Generating a passive income is important. If you gain an income only when you physically work you will burn out in your later years. Generating a passive income at a young age can set your future up for success.

What is a passive income

A passive income is unearned money created with minimal to no labour. It can be generated through investments, properties or side hustles. This income does not come from employment. Achieving a passive income is not easily done. It often takes months to years to grow stability.The goal of passive income is to make money while you sleep! How to create a passive income through real estate

There are many ways a passive income can be generated through real estate. You can invest in a REIT, (real estate investment trust), an ETF, REIT mutual funds or non traded REITs. You can also join a crowdfunding opportunity to pool your money together with other investors and own a share of the property. You can also take ownership of a rental property, hire a property management team and reap the benefits without labour.

Important Investment Tips

When investing in anything there are three things you should consider. How much money are you willing to put aside, how long are you willing to invest and how much risk will you tolerate?

To be successful when renting properties, it is important to treat it as a business.
A breakdown of a renters profile, the requirements and the benefits associated.
What’s going on, why and the aftershock affects.
In this blog you’ll learn three real estate myths debunked to help you join the real estate industry with confidence.