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The Construction Process in a Nutshell
The Construction Process in a Nutshell
The four phases of the construction process. If you are an investor getting to start your firstdevelopment be sure to fully understand the construction process. In this blog we will teach youabout fou
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Phase One: Planning
During phase one of the construction process research is conducted. Things such as location, timing, equipment supplies, project management planning are included. The development design plans are created. Budget and sale price planning is conducted in this phase to ensure maximum return on investment is obtained.

Phase Two: Pre-Construction
During phase two of the construction process design plans are submitted to the municipal building permit office. Any required permits are obtained in this phase; building, plumbing, electrical, sewer, etc. Site testing is conducted in this phase; soil, water and ground capacity examinations. You can begin to select the details of your property. The details include tiles, flooring, countertops, faucets and more. It’s important that these are ordered in this phase to avoid shipping delays which can cause development setbacks. The sale of the pre construction begins through a purchase agreement, (a contract to purchase the property that is not built as yet). This is done before the ground is broken.

Phase Three: Construction
In this phase land preparation begins which includes removing the topsoil and excavation. The footing of the building is created, these are concrete support slabs. Utilities such as water, electricity, cable or telephone lines are added in this phase. The building foundation walls are created and drainage is installed. Foundation inspections are conducted. The interior and exterior walls are created. In the construction phase your design plans will become more and more real.

Phase Four: Close out
Clients are kept informed on all development progression, and the project is ready to be sold. In this phase the building can be sold on assignment, where you assign the contract with the buyer made in the pre-construction phase. Developments often appreciate in value, with their peak timing being at the end of construction.

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