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Sustainability and Green Buildings
Sustainability and Green Buildings
What is a sustainable building and how is it achieved.
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The importance of reducing our carbon footprint is a well known subject, but how do you achieve this within real estate? When planning your next development project, consider a sustainability and green building path. This is a great way to achieve a minimal carbon footprint while providing housing opportunities..

What is it?

A green building reduces its own impact on the environment through its structures and features. To be considered a green building high levels of efficiency must be achieved. This is a tactic that is used to control climate and is found in new urban communities.

How is it achieved?

To qualify as a green building an energy star certification for the property must be obtained. Associations that decide if your building is sustainable include BOMA BEST (building owners and managers association’s building environmental standards), and LEED (leadership in energy and environmental design).

Characteristics of a green building

There are many characteristics that must be met to be considered a green building.
Properties are often located in an area with many public transportation options to reduce the use of private cars. The purpose is to protect and maintain the natural habitat in its area. Utilization of natural resources, renewable energy and interactions with nature are incorporated into the design. Water consumption is reduced throughout the construction and lifespan of the property. Use of sustainable material within the property is incorporated such as biodegradable cutlery.

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