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The cheapest places to live around the world
The cheapest places to live around the world
If you had the opportunity to move to a tropical country, where would you go? You’re aware ofthe cost of living in Canada, but how does it compare to places around the world? In this blogwe’ll tell yo
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Some of the cheapest places to live around the world include Colombia, Thailand, Mexico, Ecuador, and Portugal.

In Colombia inflation exists however, the cost of living is still lower than in Canada and America. You can live comfortably starting at $1K a month in a higher-class area. Rent within larger cities in higher-class areas starts at $2K a month. Lower income neighbourhoods pay lower rates than higher income neighbourhoods thanks to the Estrato system. Beer starts at $1-$2 and movie tickets start at $3.

In Thailand you can rent a 1 bedroom apartment for roughly $626 a month. A 3 bedroom villa close to the Koh Samui beach costs roughly $475. A studio apartment in Chiang Mai city costs $184. Street food starts at $2, and a hamburger and chips costs roughly $5.20.

In Mexico 2 individuals can live comfortably in a middle class lifestyle for roughly $2K a month. Multi-course meals in restaurants start at $3 per person. Dental costs are low, checkups start at around $20.

In Ecuador health care is extremely low, starting at $55 a month. Rent starts at $400 with utilities included. Often the AC and heat is not required, saving you more money.

In Portugal health care costs are low, private health insurance costs start roughly at $100. Expats live comfortably on $2,500 a month with rent and expenses included. Coastal living costs are higher than on land. Utilities are roughly $100 of your monthly expenses, rent can range from $400 - $1,000, and internet starts at roughly $37.

When deciding on a new place to live be sure to find a location that aligns with your lifestyle and goals. Always conduct research to further educate yourself to make an informed decision.

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