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The Importance of Home Ownership
The Importance of Home Ownership
There comes a point in your life when you must decide to either buy or rent a home. Should you work towards home ownership or is renting a suitable choice for you?
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Before you decide, we’ve
compiled a few reasons as to why home ownership is important and should be considered!


Owning a home means you are building equity through mortgage payments. Equity is the
difference between how much your home is worth and how much you owe on your mortgage.
When home equity is built, benefits can follow, including investment opportunities, education or vacation funding.

Tax Breaks

When you own a home there are more potential tax benefits that you can utilize.
Tax breaks include; first home buyers, home buyer plan, GST/HST rebate, and more.

More Enjoyable Living Quality

Owning a home can also provide mental health benefits. Studies show owning a home can be
beneficial to child development, behavior and self esteem. Home ownership also showed to increase the living satisfaction within adults.

Owning a home can provide you and your family with more stability, allowing you to thrive in other areas.

To be successful when renting properties, it is important to treat it as a business.
A breakdown of a renters profile, the requirements and the benefits associated.
There are different industries in which a passive income can be created, but how is it done in real estate? In this blog we’ll tell you!
What’s going on, why and the aftershock affects.