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Three Real Estate Myths Debunked
Three Real Estate Myths Debunked
In this blog you’ll learn three real estate myths debunked to help you join the real estate industry with confidence.
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Entering the real estate market can be nerve racking. There may be things that you have yet to learn, or maybe the myths circling social media have you hesitant to enter the industry. In this blog you’ll learn three real estate myths debunked to help you join the real estate industry with confidence.

Myth 1: Buying is better than renting


There is no right or wrong when it comes to the way you finance your home. If renting is right for you at that point in time, rent away! If you decide to rent, it is not impossible to become a homeowner one day. Thanks to many rent to own programs, renters can turn into homeowners.

Myth 2: You don’t need a real estate agent


Real estate agents can find the market ins and outs in a timely and organized manner, saving you lots of time and energy. Their position within the market allows them to negotiate the best deal for their clients. Real estate agents are not only for aspiring homeowners. Real estate companies are here to help you find affordable housing whether rented or bought.

Myth 3: Social amenities don’t matter


The distance of schools, hospitals, grocery stores and playgrounds play a factor in lifestyle satisfaction. Living too far can cause a spike in your gas budget, living too close can put you in unwanted traffic. Finding a home within a reasonable distance to social amenities and align with your lifestyle are a part of the house hunting process. When searching for your next home location consider how long or short of a commute you are willing to take to run your daily tasks.

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