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What to expect when renovating your home
What to expect when renovating your home
There are benefits to renovating your home. You can increase the value as well as your quality of living, but how much does a home renovation cost in Canada?
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Types of renovations
Basic renovations include fixing leaky roofs, upgrading your AC and heating units, adjusting electricity or plumbing. Cosmetic renovations focus on adding detail and personalizations to your home that make a difference. An example of this would be to expand your deck, kitchen or to add interlocking. Full home renovations are used when wanting to increase the value of your home. These projects often focus on the kitchen, bathroom and basement, and backyard,

Why people renovate their homes
There are many reasons why one might renovate their home. These include increasing the property value, adding more light, and space. Renovating your home can help you increase your productivity within your daily tasks. An example of this is installing a laundry shoot that funnels all dirty laundry into the washing room. This would save you time and energy from going up and down the stairs, carrying heavy loads. You can add features that are convenient for your pet. An example of this would be a built-in doggy gate at the kitchen entrance that blends in perfectly with your walls to avoid creating a
sore eye. Another example is a pet friendly walk-in shower with a detachable hose separate from the human showers.

The expected costs of home renovations
For a home renovation you can expect to spend anywhere between $15,000 -$ 200,000 depending on the scale of your project. For kitchen renovations in Canada you can expect to be spending roughly $195 per square foot or $30,000. Kitchen renovations should cost anywhere
between 5%-15% of your home value. This will also vary depending on the appliances you choose. Bathroom renovations are estimated to have a $15,000 minimum cost. Full gut renovations are expected to cost $100,000 - $200,000. In Ontario, the starting cost for materials and work is roughly $100-$200 per square foot.

Key Takeaways
There are benefits to renovating your home. You can increase the value as well as productivity. You can get really creative in the planning stage which will be a fun venture. It’s important to note that the price will always vary depending on the scale of your project. The cost of lumber is
still rising due to limited supplies in Canada. This can be your opportunity to look into different material alternatives to create a more sustainable home. The possibilities of what you can renovate your home into is endless.

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